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मुझसे न होगा April 12, 2007

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मुझसे   न  होगा   अब्   तुझको भुला पाना….

अपने दिल् पर् लिखे तेरे नाम् को मिटा पाना

तू सोचती है तो कर् के देख् ले येह् कोशिश्

तेरे दिल् पर् लिखा है मेरा नाम् और् भी गहरा….

मुझसे न होगा अब् यू अश्क़् बहाना…

तेरी याद् मै रो रो के खुद् को भुला पाना

तू कर् सकती है तो रोक् ले अपने आन्सू

तेरी आन्खू मेइन् बसते है मेरी ही येह् आन्सू…

मुझसे ना होगा अब् जीना यू तनहा

तू कही और् मैन् यहान् तेरे बिना

तू कर् सकती है तो रह् ले उस् पार् अकेले

तेरी बस्ती के हर् एक् घर् मेइन् बसती हैं मेरी यादें….

मुझसे ना होगा अब् तुम् बिन् अकेले चल् पाना

दो कदम् भी कहि चले थै हम् तेरे बगैर्

तू कर् सकती है तो जा आज़मा ले मुझ् को

हर् राह् पर् मिलेंगे पेहले से ही मेरे कदमो के निशान् मौज़ूद्…


लकीर् April 5, 2007

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कभी   समतल्   इसी   द्हरातल्    पर्

कभी गेहरी सन्करी मिली येही कही पर्

येही इक् लकीर् बाट्ती इस् ज़मीन् को

वही इक् दिखाती किनारा किसी को

लाल् इक् लकीर् किसी को सुहागिन् बनाती

कही   दूर्    आसमा   ज़मीन्   को   मिलाती

अक्सर्   दर्मियान्   दूरियान्   है    बढाती

सहारो कि गुन्जाइश् गिराती मिटाती


Chaand!!! February 19, 2007

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जाते हुए  कदम्  हमारे   आज्   कुछ्   ठिठक्   से   गये

जाने किसकी नज़रोन् ने हमारी निगाहोन् को समहलने से रोका है

सारे जाने पेह्चाने चेहरे पर् एक् अनजान् को कही देखा है

हमारे घर् आनगन् मै भी एक् चान्द् को हमने देखा है

कभी छुपता कभी दिखता कभी मुस्कुराता कभी खिल्खिलाता

खुद् को भी हमने आज् किसी के लिये आहेन् भरते देखा है

ढेख् के खुद् ही मुस्कराना और् आप् हि बात् करते जाना

अपनी धड्कनो को हमने आज् बेकाबू होते देखा है

जाना कहिन् और् जाता कहिन् ,सोचता कुछ् देखटा कहिन्

मदहोश् अपने कदमो को उसकी तरफ़् खिचते हुए देखा है

कान्पते हुए होठोन् से हम् कुछ् कह् पाते उससे पहले ही

एक् ख्वाब् को हक़ीक़त् मै बदलते हुए हमने देखा है


Intezaar!!! January 15, 2007

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आहिस्ता आहिस्ता से गुज़रता है वक़्त

बन्द मुठ्ठी की रेत सा फ़िसल्ता है पल

करता ये बेबस मन एक ही इन्तेज़ार

काश कट जाये ये वक़्त गुज़र जाये पल

हर चेहरे पे दिखति है बढती हुई शिकन

मायूसी हताशा कि कैसी अन्त हीन सुरन्ग

सबको है बेबसी से अपनी मन्ज़िल की तलाश

काश कहीं से आ जाये एक रोश्नी सी उमन्ग


Awesome Foursome!!!-edition iii December 31, 2006

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Four distinguished persons from four different locations of India…as different from each other as they could be…yet one thing that makes them similar is ….they are extremely good at heart….Two of the most popular ladies and two unsung heroes of Glakes….This article is the concluding edition of the series ‘Awesome Foursome’ dedicated to these four friends of mine who I look upto for the kind of wonderful human beings they are….

Neha:- This gal from Allahabad has covered almost all possible corners of India before stepping in Chennai…a mind boggling techie…a graceful dancer…a thinking writer …and above all an inspiration for all the bloggers of Glakes…When normally we people take a nap if not full fledged sleep after a hectic day….this gal could even then be found busy in planning and conceiving some blog article that too for the next quarter…All people there….who don’t trust my words can visit her global blog which is the most happening and contemporary among the lot…also she is a one lady army….U dare to pull her and then consider yourself dead J!!!…..Neha! If I walk down the memory street …we met first time during Outbound but there has never been a stage beyond Hi..Bye until very recently …but this blogging mania definitely has given a chance to know better of each other as a person…and to be friends….and to tell you what i think about you….you are an  intelligent… alwayz updated…talented… very friendly …..helping…. caring… supportive … and a wonderful human being….Alwayz  be the way you are!!!!

Srinidhi :-This die hard Sachin Tendulkar fan…can give any BBC/CNBC/CNN news anchor a run for the money when she makes a public speech ….Cheeni!! , as called by her dear friends,is definitely at the wrong place..she effortlessly deserves a place in the glittering world of media!!!…This gal never walks alone….with her comes along the positive thinking and the bundle of energy … I have never seen her in gloomy mood…always chirping….and bullying guys…especially meJ….this budding equity researcher has everything to reach the top of corporate world…we are waiting to see our expectations cum true sooner …Lets see what other is in the store for future J…… Cheeni!!to tell you ..what i think about you… you are the most energetic..bubbly…brilliant..sportive…and positive person i’ve ever met..hope all your dreams cum true fast…. J

Hardeep :- This Eversmiling ,innocent looking guy from Delhi …town planner by profession ..not many know ….is the only guy in Glakes who happened to have as many personal visits across the globe as our very own Captain made professionally…you just name the place , he already left his footprints there….This guy is amazingly calm…composed… caring… creative…hard working…shy…humble…. down to earth …..friendly….fitness freak…jogging maniac …..a yoga practitioner….Bhangra dancer …only chap who can match Chini with his energy….People!!his creative work for the Glakes B-fest ‘Latitude’ is the talk of the town these days…Now me spilling out some beans to all those who are not aware …he is also giving his bits in the initial phase as a designer cum architect for the eagerly awaited upcoming palatial Glakes building which shall be open for the 2008 BatchJ…..Dude! make us proud!

Gopi Kishan Vishwanath:-Vishu …a Hyderabadi  hunk and a research scholar …. was initially supposed to stay with Noorie /Ajai/Bulla/Ganeshan…but his loss (on account of three dayz delay in arrival)was my gain ….Boy!!! I feel for you!!!!That was the first jolt to a guy from Singapore to Mylapur to Saidapet …many more were in the pipeline ….ask this guy of gently broken heart for further details….But to tell you guys -this man has an amazing knack of shaking even the most seasoned faculty’s confidence…by asking the facts based questions in a typical Journalist way….Dude u r here to learn and not to teach!!!! So do only that much that u have paid the fee for…Vishu ! To tell you …you are the MOST friendly person in Glakes …. you truly epitomize –a friend in need is a friend indeed…Vishu! I wonder how come a guy with your qualities never has had any galfriend…dude !!!its not your bad luck infact poor gals don’t know what they are missing…Hope your never ending constant search of a life partner ends this year itselfJ  Guys !!!I’m very much sure you all are going to rock the world very soon and I Wish you all … lots of luck and success …..in all your future endeavoursJ  


Bachpan!!–edition ii December 21, 2006

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Yaad aa gaye phir woh bachpan ke din

Woh bholi hansee aur shararat ke din

Woh cherna chirahna roothna aur manaana

Yaad aa gaye humein apne bachpan ke din 

Kabhi urti titli ko chup ke pakadna

Unhe apne nanhe haathoen mein jakadna

Kabhi bewajah khud hi aansoo bahaana

School na jaane ke naye bahanae banaana

Chup kar gaalon par shaving cream lagaana

Lip stic lagana aur choti si ik choti banaana

Pakde jaane par sharmaana aur chehra chupaana

Apne doston ko naye kisse kahani sunaana

Mitti ka chota sa apna ghar  ik banaana

Doston ke mahal ko jaan karke  giraana

Unse naaraazgi par ik choti katti kar jaana

Phir roothoen ko manaana hansna hansaana

Yaad aa gaye phir woh bachpan ke din

Woh bholi hansee aur shararat ke din

Woh cherna chirahna roothna aur manaana

Yaad aa gaye humein apne bachpan ke din


One and Only!!! December 18, 2006

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Latest entrant to the most versatile group of awesome foursome of Akshat, Ayesha, Vaishno and Harry is one MAN oops BOY(he is still a kid at heart)… who comes up effortlessly becoz of the emotional and personal values and the likeminded approach we all share but his intellectual capability fills up the otherwise missing link between the gang of studious artists and artistic students…this guy of 24 ,looks like 16, talks like 30 (only when he is not on the podium) and sometimes behaves like he is the father figure of the gang…dude you are the second youngest of the lot…so give due respect to some Sr. Citizens of your group….You along with the other deadly four have made me skipped the heartbeats more than often…its not good for my health…my doctor advised me to change the place or the gang at the earliest….i prefer the first optionJ 

No crusader can ever forget his addressal to the Profs…people…u should be thankful to this gentleman of lost words….who made the otherwise boring sessions of subject lively…and all those who miss out the fun…can wait for his generosity as he keeps offering such kind of moments for the otherwise fun deprived student fraternity…aur bhai saheb..yeh shero shayari ki aapki umar nahi hai…yeh kaam bade bujurgo pe chor dijiye… 

Correct me if i’m wrong ..at times my ageing memory doesn’t support me..It was more of a formal friendship between us till the internship started…it was more of hi..bye..exchange of smile..and some leg pulling sessions by each other just for sheer fun….Perhaps a nite out at Manish’ home was the perfect ice breaker which was due for long …. now we are as close to each other as each individual of this gang with one another … hey don’t be relieved as you have joined me and now be ready for being more than often the subject of fun of our gang ….now I’m relieved as I got  partner to share half the load of mine J  To tell you ..what I feel about you…Gaurav…you are extremely friendly, lovable, affable , intelligent, entertaining, sensible, analytical , logical yet sensitive and emotional…the emotional touch appears in your brilliant writing as well……I like the way you take up every responsibility that comes your way…I admire you a lot for the kind of genuine person you are….and I can never forget your lines on –‘FAITH’….so keep writing good stuff!!!